Fallout 4 Review: Battle of Bunker Hill
March 27, 2021

Fallout 4 Review: Battle of Bunker Hill

By ariko

Fallout 4 Review – Hype, this one word seems to be enough to describe Fallout 4’s position in the eyes of gamers today. How come? Being one of the most requested games from Bethesda since Skyrim’s phenomenal existence, Fallout 4 is finally being introduced to the public in an unusual way.

In just a matter of days since its release, he has indeed incised extraordinary sales figures. And today is a good day to do a review of this game through a special section we call Fallout review: battle of Bunker Hill.

Fallout 4: A Glance of Review

Fallout 4 almost, according to Fallout review, fulfills all gamers’ expectations. A post-apocalyptic world that is not only described with the right atmosphere, but with a battle system that feels much more dynamic.

Those of you who have read our previews before will certainly have a little idea of ​​what Bethesda has to offer in this one game. There are some criticisms, including the visuals that are not comparable to most AAA games today, the vast map, to the boring side missions.

Fallout review  exposes that it’s not an easy matter to “be” Bethesda right now, because expectations for the quality of Fallout 4 are indeed at their highest.

Many gamers, including us, are expecting a fantastic quality, especially considering that it has to compete with enchanting RPG games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Pillars of Eternity this year.

As seen on Fallout 4 review, Compared to action RPG games in general, it doesn’t look that wide. This Boston adventure is only depicted with a small town with a square dividing line around it, something that doesn’t look attractive at all from the surface. 

However, this perception immediately changed when we tasted it to completion. Fallout 4 may not offer a map as big as The Witcher 3 or Skyrim, for example. But the game packed this tiny space densely. That’s right, there are so many places to explore at such high density.

Unlike the RPG game approach in general which tends to offer a more spread out pattern where you have to move quite a distance before finding one or two points of interest, Fallout 4 offers a small and compact world design.

Regardless of how “small” the maps it offers, on Fallout review, Fallout 4 offers a similar or even larger quantity of areas that can be explored. The good news is that as long as you set foot outside, you can do fast travel wherever you want to speed up the process of completing a main or side mission.

Gameplay is combined appropriately. It feels quite dynamic. Not only waiting for you to act, the existing factions may go to war with each other while you are walking. There is a strong sensation that the world that the game is injecting here, is indeed alive.

Game Details:

DeveloperBethesda Game Studios
PublisherBethesda Softworks
PlatformMicrosoft Windows; PlayStation 4; Xbox One
ReleasedNovember 10, 2015
GenreAction role-playing
Official Sitehttps://bethesda.net/en/games/FA4CSTPCDG01

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Fallout 4 review, The Pros

Fallout 4 review: battle of Bunker Hill, The Pros

Like common action games, Fallout 4 has the pros, starting from the audio, visual effect, and the basic features in the game. Have you been so curious about the pros? Just check these pros out. 

Visual Effect

This is further enhanced by a variety of effects that also appear other than just day and night. You will be met with fog in the morning, heavy rain that suddenly soaks up, until a random nuclear storm comes. Not just cosmetics, this weather effect has its own effect on the gameplay side.

‘Sweet’ Surprises

However, the coolest part of Boston that Fallout 4 has to offer is the fact that “The Commonwealth” isn’t the only area you can explore. You can find this information on Fallout review. Our gamer instinct will immediately think and conclude that all the boundary lines on the map mean it means the end of the world that cannot be explored. 

An assumption that turned out to be wrong! A little extra space beyond this barrier can be explored but requires some preparation. Referred to as the “Glowing Sea”, it is believed to be the point where the nucleus fell in the past. Full of radiation, you who are unprepared will die in vain when crossing this limit.

Combat Mechanism

Fallout 4 is still the RPG action game with the Fallout flavor that you have been familiar. By using first or third person as a base, you can still treat it like an FPS action game. This means, there is always a chance for you to enjoy the fighting mechanics of this game like Call of Duty. see the Call Duty Review game for more information.

For you who like to play at close range. The opportunity to enjoy this game by making melee your main weapon is also wide open. The variants are also as numerous as the attack effects for a variety of rare weapons.

V.A.T.S Is Back

The V.A.T.S system is back. The system that was introduced in the previous Fallout series will give you a little fighting advantage. If your Action Points bar touches a certain number, with one simple button. You can activate V.A.T.S and pause for a while.

Instead, you will be able to specifically target the enemy’s limbs, which are now represented by separate HP bars. How many bullets you can vomit via this mode will also depend on the type of weapon and the amount of AP you have.

What’s the effect? Of course an extra tactical advantage. You can use this moment to plan your next attack. Or focus on limbs that have the potential to weaken your opponent’s abilities.

Effect of Health and Radiation.

When the body gets wounds in Commonwealth, Fallout 4 offers quite a number of options for recovering it. But at some point, this option also carries risks. That’s right, radiation. As an ordinary human being, radiation is something that is capable of destroying your body, slowly but surely. 

Every time your body is exposed to radiation, whether from an enemy attack, the effects of an attack, or the food you eat to restore a small amount of HP, the amount of radiation in your body will increase. Such details have been well explained on Fallout review. 

Special System

Just like the old RPG games that ask you to role-play. The skill system in Fallout 4 also allows you to build any variety of characters you want. Through the SPECIAL system – Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. Each point you pin when you level up in each of these attributes will contribute a permanent effect to your game.

Weapon Choices

Fallout 4 review: battle of Bunker Hill, The Pros

The variety of weapons available also allows you to play with melee or range as a focus.

The sensation of the game can also feel different depending on what kind of Companion you carry. 

Not just one or two, Fallout 4 offers so many companions with their respective specialties! There’s Dogmeat of course, the iconic dog who can attack and bite enemies to bring their movement to a halt. There is Valentine – a Synths who is not difficult to hack all terminals in Commonwealth and ease your infiltration action.

Here comes the real power of Fallout 4, the freedom to identify for yourself what kind of character you are tasting, true essence of role-playing, despite the fact that the conversation options are now much simplified. Are you a superhuman who was actually healed from radiation? Or are you an accomplished thief who is an expert at picking up any item that is in your opponent’s pocket? 

Or are you the Brute with a respectable melee ability? And maybe you are a “Beastmaster” who can control and control humans or monsters that you meet? Or do you have a coolie mentality who relies more on the ability to complete all challenges through the variety of weapons and equipment you carry? Everything depends on your own choice. On Fallout review, you’ll find the fact that you can optimize the game’s melee ability.

Cool Soundtrack

Universe Fallout is a little unique. It may take a setting far in the future, 2287, but the world it offers is different from the progress in the real world. The futuristic atmosphere that he offers is full of many technologies that we cannot achieve at this time.

Possible to Build Your Own Settlements

One of the features informed on Fallout review is your chance to build your own Settlements. Of course. This process is not easy because in order to build all of these items as freely as you want. You need raw materials, materials that must be gathered from your exploration of the Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 Review The Cons

What this feature lacks is only one – purpose. That apart from personal gratification, almost nothing makes it feel like something essential. Because we have only one conclusion so far – that this feature is designed for fun.

There are no implications for the game directly. Except for personal satisfaction as said on Fallout review.

No matter how many missions you have completed for them, they continue to give the same response. In fact, this mission was designed never to be completed. So bad, that at one point, if you are really active. Both of them will ask you to take back missions that you completed previously.

Fallout 4 is still a fun game. But it doesn’t offer any truly fantastic quality or enough to make it the standard Western RPG games as we know it.

Slightly different from the quite significant innovation that was thrown by Bioware in Dragon Age: Inquisition or CD Projekt in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. For more details, you can see the article The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt review. Cool? Yes. Fantastic? Not really.