Las Vegas Unemployment Rate Highest

Why Las Vegas Unemployment Rate Highest From All Major United State Cities

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that Las Vegas unemployment rate highest in America’s 51 largest cities.

The Las Vegas job market has had an unemployment rate of 11.5 percent as of November 2020. COVID-19 has toppled the nation’s largest gaming industry and cost tens of thousands of casino workers their jobs.

Employment in the leisure and hospitality industry in Southern Nevada fell by 21.4 percent. The Las Vegas gambling industry employed approximately 229,400 employees in November, 62,400 fewer than in November 2019.

Las Vegas Unemployment Rate Highest During Coronavirus Pandemic

As bad as the jobs report is, it’s been worse than Las Vegas unemployment rate highest. During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, the unemployment rate in Las Vegas was over 30 percent.

New Orleans has the second highest unemployment rate. The Big Easy is going through tough times, with 9.8 percent of the workforce currently out of a job. Conversely, at 3.8 percent, Birmingham has the lowest unemployment rate compared to other major US cities.

Is it Las Vegas Need Tourism

Bringing Las Vegas back to a true sense of pre-coronavirus normality will require a major surge in domestic and international travel. Through November 2020, visitor volume in Las Vegas is down 54.5 percent.

The occupancy rate at the weekend has fallen from more than 95 percent in 2019 to 53.5 percent in 2020. The midweek is even worse, the occupancy rate went from 86.6 percent in 2019 to just 38.7 percent in 2020.

The casinos rely on conventions to keep their nearly 150,000 hotel rooms occupied on weekdays. Unfortunately, those big gatherings may not be coming back anytime soon. “We can probably talk about big gatherings back well into the second half of 2021,” said David Nash, chief health adviser for the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau.

The COVID-19 vaccine is being spread across the country, but at a much slower pace than expected by medical experts. State health officials warn that it will be many months before the vaccine is widely available to the general public in America.

Is Nevada Economy Suffers During Pandemic Happen

The Silver State relies heavily on tourism, which is why COVID-19 is impacting Nevada more than most other states than Las Vegas unemployment rate highest. In November 2020, the unemployment rate in Nevada was 10.1 percent. The national average was 6.7 percent. 

Only New Jersey has a higher unemployment rate of 10.2 percent. Nevada is level with Hawaii. Nebraska and Vermont have the least number of unemployed people. The states of Cornhusker and Green Mountain report an unemployment rate of only 3.1 percent. Try playing with judi bola and win big money.

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