What is the Speed ​​Blackjack

Speed ​​Blackjack
Speed ​​Blackjack

In January 2020 announced Evolution Gamingthe launch of their new live version of Blackjack is Speed ​​Blackjack, the fastest variant of this game to date. As far as the rules go, not much changes except for one thing. The player who can decide the fastest gets priority and therefore takes the first turn.

How do you play Speed ​​Blackjack

Up to 7 players can participate in Speed ​​Blackjack at the same time. It is played according to the standard rules of blackjack. This means that the dealer is dealt two cards. The player can double down on the first two cards and split any pair.

What is the difference between the regular version of blackjack vs Speed ​​Blackjack. In Speed ​​Blackjack is 30% to 40% faster than the standard version. The time to place bets and make decisions is therefore limited in Speed ​​Blackjack. So if a certain player needs a little more time, they automatically come last.

The First Two Cards

The first two cards are dealt in the normal order from left to right as usual. After dealing the first two cards, players can make a decision simultaneously: hit, double or split. 

Whoever makes a decision first gets the next card. This pattern continues until all players have made their decisions and all additional cards have been dealt. Those who choose to fold are not dealt additional cards.

In the standard version of Blackjack, each player is given approximately 15 seconds to make a decision for each card they are dealt. If you multiply this by 7 players, a lot of time is lost in the game because you have to wait until everyone has made their choice.

Speed ​​Blackjack speeds up the pace and makes the game much more interesting and competitive. The dealer deals card after card, with no breaks. You’ll also notice that the dealer seamlessly keeps track of who needs another card to keep the game running smoothly.

Speed Blackjack Side Bets

In Speed ​​Blackjack, players can choose from two optional side bets are:

  • Perfect pairs
  • 21+3

Perfect Pairs is a side bet determined by the first two cards dealt to the player’s first hand. If the cards are a pair, you win the bet. If the pair is also the same suit, you will get an even higher payout.

21+3 is another optional side bet based on the combination of the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s face-up card. If you can make a high hand with this combination, you will win regardless of the results of the base game.

Special Feature of Speed Blackjack

Speed ​​Blackjack features two new autoplay features. If you have a hand that is worth more than 12 and you don’t make a decision in time, you automatically pass. If you have a total hand of less than 11 and you don’t make a decision in time, you will automatically be dealt a new card.

As with other Blackjack variants from Evolution Gaming, you can also use the ‘Bet Behind’ feature with Speed ​​Blackjack. You can place bets with this feature if one or more players are already playing. If you decide to use this option, you will be notified as soon as a seat becomes available.

House Edge and RTP on Speed Blackjack

When it comes to the main hand,the house edge0.71%. This means that the return to the player (RTP) is 99.29%.

As for the side bets, the ‘perfect pairs’ has a house edge of 4.1% and thus an RTP of 95.9%. The 21+3 bet has a house edge of 3.7% and an RTP of 96.3%.

The Verdict

If you like to play blackjack and like to get your turn fast, this is a great game for you. Experienced players who have enough confidence and can make quick decisions have an advantage at Speed ​​Blackjack. However, the fast pace of the game is not suitable for all players. Beginners may need a little more time to decide.

Please note that if you do not respond in time, the autoplay function will kick in.

Due to the fast-paced nature of the game, there is usually less interaction with the dealer. As with all live dealer games from Evolution Gaming, there is a chat function, but you will notice that this is not used much. After all, there is hardly time for that. Gambling on situs judi qq will bring you happiness.

The design of the game is pure class and that’s what we are used to from this software provider. You play at a luxury blackjack table with an elegant dealer and the live images that you see are also of excellent quality.

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